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speedport.ip Configuration

speedport.ip is user to manually configure speedport router. speedport.ip is default gateway of speedport router. To access speedport default gateway, you need to access it through http://speedport.ip or

Normally when you brought speedport router and want to configure it for internet and telephony, you can go with automatic setup. Instruction for automatic setup will be available in speedport router manual and there is need of speedport.ip for automatic setup. Internet connection is not required for automatic setup.

speedport.ip manual configuration

In case automatic setup is not successful you can proceed with manual configuration which can be achieved with speedport.ip. Please follow below steps to login to speedport router panel.

  1. We hope your device is connected to speedport router. Type http://speedport.ip or in browser of device
  2. You will be directed to home page of speedport router admin panel. In case you are getting error, please make sure device is properly connected to router. Also check you prefix http:// before speedport.ip or
  3. Enter username and password of speedport router. These details will be mentioned on router label. For security reasons we strongly recommend to change password of speedport.ip
  4. Credentials entered by you will be validated and if successful, you will be navigated to dashboard of speedport.ip.
  5. Please follow the setup wizard and instruction shared in manual. Once completed you will be able to connect to internet and make calls.

speedport.ip Difference

Prerequisites of speedport.ip automatic setup

  • Speedport router is reset to factory settings and is not configured manually through speedport.ip
  • Your internet connected is already enabled by telekom
  • Personal access code from telekom should be available with you to start automatic configuration.

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