speedport.ip Difference

By | Oktober 29, 2017

Difference between speedport.ip and

speedport.ip or is used to access speedport router default gateway. You need to type http://speedport.ip or in browser and both will render same URL i.e Login page of speedport router admin panel.

Now question arises if both speedport.ip and renders same page then why 2 different URL’s are used. We will explain it with very simple example of contacts in mobile phones.

If you need to dial number of your friend, you will search name of your friend in contacts and press dial. Network will not understand contact name and it will required mobile number to dial. So internally when you are dialing any contact, mobile number is passed. Same is the case with internet also, it understands only IP (Internet address). is IP address referring to speedport.ip.

speedport.ip is easy to remember just like contact name hence company shares a user friendly URL which is easy to remember to access speedport admin interface.

To manually configure speedport router through speedport.ip, refer below article.


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